Victor Campenaerts windtunnel
16 april 2019

Press release Victor Campenaerts will attempt to beat the world hour record cycling in Mexico

At 6pm CEST, European time trial champion Victor Campenaerts  will attempt to break the world hour record at the Velodromo Bicentenario in Aguascalientes (Mexico), currently held by Bradley Wiggins (54.526km in 2015).

To take over the Hour Record, Victor has taken a very scientific approach to the attempt. As part of his meticulous preparations, Victor spent many hours testing his bike position and improving aerodynamics in the low speed wind tunnel test facility in BikeValley (Beringen, Limburg).

Harm Ubbens, BikeValley engineer, speaks about his experience working with Victor:

Victor is a great athlete with eye for detail. From body position to accessories, everything has been optimised in order to create the best aerodynamic setup possible for him. With his aerodynamic numbers, material, power output and perseverance, I think he is able to break the record.

Stefanie Lambeens and Bert Celis, BikeValley management team, highlight the importance of aerodynamics for improving results on the bike: “With current technologies, achieving marginal gains are more accessible. Spending time working on your aerodynamic position and comfort level on the bike will deliver more value and results for everyone passionate about cycling.”

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