2018nov 30

Partner matching: greener and smart mobility


DSP Valley and BikeValley kindly invite you to our upcoming partnermatching event, focussing on green and smart mobility.

Since a few years now, Bikevalley and DSP Valley co-operate in the domain of Smart Bikes. There where electronics or IoT meet the cycling world are plenty of opportunities for new innovative developments. With these workshops we try to bring innovative companies and great thinkers together, with the opportunity to meet and match.

During this partnering workshop, the focus will be on Mobility in general and the opportunities to make this more green and smart. Every idea, project or solution in this domain is welcome to be pitched on this event. Since mobility is a topic where a lot of regions are struggling with, this event will also be linked to the HYPEREGIO-project, meaning we will also have some inputs from our Dutch and German colleagues.

Finally, an improvement in the field of mobility often involves some (infra)structural measures. To make sure that we will have the right people at the event we have also invited a number of policy makers to this event.

Preliminary program

  • 13hr00 – User group meeting Smart Bike project
  • 14hr00 – Welcome by BikeValley – introduction to Smart Bike
  • 14hr15 – Introduction of the HYPEREGIO project
  • 14hr30 – Introduction of S-Lim
  • 14hr45 – Break
  • 15hr00 – Company pitches
  • 16hr30 – Matchmaking reception + possibility to visit wind tunnel test facilities


Participation in the event is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

Please use the online registration form.