Sports & recovery
2019Apr 27

Sports & Recovery Conference


Sports & Recovery Conference

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Sports & Recovery Conference for athletes. Blood and saliva analyses are more and more frequently used to follow the recovery of an athlete. DNA analyses are used to optimize nutrition and treatments. What can new developments specifically do for an athlete ? How can the new insights in nutrigenetics, sports nutrition and cosmetogenetics be combined with "Best Practice" from the medical entourage of an athlete? Read more here


9u00: Introduction by Bert Celis, CEO Bike Valley
9u15: Recovery strategy in Elite Sports, where science meets Practice
Physical therapist Vincent Callewaert (SQUADT)
9u40: Recovery in triathlon, Best practices
Physical therapist Thalia Kindt (GRIT Sports clinic)
10u05: Innovation  in sports nutrition
Petra Van Gucht, Master of Biochemistry- Molecular Health Science (4gold/Cosmofarma)
10u30: DNA based nutrition: the secret weapon for sports recovery 
Nikolaas Van Riet, MSC, Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics (Science In Health, ARG Institute)
10u55: Demo DNA-analyis tools: Cosmetogenetics & Nutrigenetics
11u10: Pauze
11u30: Sportana 
Thijs Wintein (Sportana)
11u55: Predict & prevent  orthopedic injuries in triathlon
Toon Claes, Orthopedic surgeon  Herentals
12:20: Panel discussion
12:40: Networking facilities 


Conference language : Dutch 

Entry fee : 50 euro .

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Location  : FRAME 21, herentals, Industrieterrein Klein Gent, Diamantstraat